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Review ShiKai Borage dry skin therapy eye cream

Eye creams are products that a lot of people have different opinions about... Some say it's not necessary untill you're older, others say a regular moisturizer works just as well and other others say it's necessary because your skin is more delicate in that area - which one of these are you? Myself, I'm part of the last group: the skin around your eyes is thinner than on the rest of your face and needs taking care of, often it's also more sensitive. People claiming using any moisturizer works just as well are *in my believe* wrong, if that's the case then why not moisturize your face with your body lotion?? Now, I must admit there are some moisturizers that can be used in your eye area, but these ones are more an exception than taking any product.

One thing that I do not like about eye creams is their pricing... For a tiny amount the prices are often too steep and their claims are often ridiculous, so I'm on a mission to find a good and wellpriced eye cream. Maybe this is the one?

A rich, soothing emollient cream specially formulated for the sensitive and delicate skin around the eyes.

If used daily, this cream will improve softness and suppleness.
0.5 oz/15ml tube

ShiKai is an American brand which I've never heard of before and isn't easy to get. I bought it on iHerb for 14$, lovely price - a lot of their products are available on this website. Some of the things that inspired me to try this brand is that it's organic and focuses on dry skin, and apart from that their pricing is very reasonable. The packaging is simple and effective. I prefer using tubes and pumps, ShiKai lives up to this with all their packaging.

The texture of the product isn't really a cream, more like a lotion. It has a very light fresh scent, which your nose will hardly be aware of. It sinks in fast and leaves my skin moisturized. I started using it in fall and noticed that in winter I needed more product to get the same moisturized result. For me, this moisturizer is more suited to use in spring and summer when my skin needs less moisture. This eye cream works great on sensitive skin, it never irritated mine and that speaks on its own. I only used this eye cream in the evening and was able to use it for 6 months or so, the 15ml goes a long way...

The goods: organic, non-irritating, sinks in fast, hardly no scent, price

The bads: isn't as rich as it claims

Overall I'm intrigued by Shikai and enjoyed using this product. This is a good basic mild eye moisturizer perfectly suited for those with normal to dry skin. Recommended cream, I will repurchase this in the future to use in spring&summer. I'm keen on trying more products from this brand.


Phil said...

Eyecream is one of those products that are up to yourself to decide about. Imo they're a waste of money if they're not in an airtight packaging and contain retinoids/vit C/antioxidants. They really are just a basic facecream repackaged usually, sold for more money.

Bodylotion on a face is something you shouldn't do unless you know all the ingredients. Bodystuff is usually fragranced and can contain irritating stuff your thick bodyskin can take but not your thinner face.

If I may recommend something for your dry skin (assuming your entire face is dry), you could buy a more expensive serum and just top it off with a thin coat of your regular moisturizer. Just to lock the serum in place and let it do it's work. I think that has more effect than using only 1 eyecream.

Another trick is to just use a facial serum that has moisturizing properties and top it off with a coat of vaseline. It won't clog your pores but just don't use too much as it can be a little sticky :)

If you add the transport costs and the 14 dollar up with your current serum, you could get something really nice I bet. If you want a recommendation I'm willing to help.

BeautyLoves said...

Ik ben ook aanhanger van oogcrème. De huid onder mijn ogen is erg teer, dus ik neem liever geen risico's :)
Nog nooit van dit merk gehoord, trouwens, fijne ontdekking!

Evelien said...

Totally with you on the packaging Phil, as I said above, I hate jars. My entire face is indeed dry but I'm prone to breakouts on a few areas (mouth/cheeks). I already use serums, but haven't come across the perfect one. If you have one that you would recommend for dry skin, please do tell! I'm not keen on putting vaseline over my face because of the stick-factor, but it's a nice tip. The shipping costs on Iherb are very low, about 3$, hence to why I bought it :)

Ja, die van mij is ook erg teer en vrij dun. Nieuwe merken ontdekken is altijd plezant, ik ga graag buiten de 'klassieke' merken om...

Crystal Brooke said...

I just bought the same thing at wholefoods for $15.99! I’m going to try it out right now!!!

Evelien said...

Wow, nice :) hopefully you'll like it just as much as me.

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