Friday, 27 May 2011

Product Praise Shu Uemura 20 Pony Brush

Shu is a brand I kinda ran into accidently while browsing an English forum. I hadn't heard that much of it before. There' s one store in Belgium but I haven't been there yet - on my list though. I actually checked some of their products while I was in London and made a mental note of a few things I wanted. Shu is mostly know for their eyelash curler but they also offer great quality brushes and today I'm going to talk about one of them... which has been in my kit for more than a year.

Made with Pony hair, this brush is ideal for powder face color application.
The soft, flexible bristles are best for sharply defined cheeks and precise, delicate shading.
Also suitable for applying face powder.

It's the 20 pony brush intented to be used for blush or face powder. First up you can see the handle is quite short in comparison to other brands such as MAC. But, honestly, this handle is just perfect. The longer the handle, the more I seem to grab it at the starting of the brush. Apart from being short, it's also a bit bigger than normal handles, again a plus because it works so easily.

The bristles have a roundish shape that is maintained easily, but I also use the brush guard for it just to be sure. The bristles look very soft and indeed, they are... I really hate all that brushes that appear to be soft and when used on your hand are soft but then, when you put them on your cheeks... horror! That's not the case with this baby, this is such a lovely soft brush, much softer than a MAC brush. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and because it's not that big it works very precise. It picks up the colour nicely and blends out like it should. A tiny downside to this brush is its price, which is around 50$ but -to me- it's totally worth it. I'm really trying to invest in some decent brushes because I do notice the difference in applying my make-up. This one is defintely on my recommend-list!

The goods: soft!!!!, short/easy handle, blends well, picks up colour nicely

The bads: price

Overall a great brush that I really commend. It will cost you some, but you get a decent luxurious brush in return that will last you a long time... Just try it and I think you'll love it!


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