Friday, 20 May 2011

Avon hauling

This week my Avon stuff came in and as always I ordered a few lovely items, on a discount....

I ordered 2 mascaras: Supermagnify which I've used the last months and really like + Superenchant, their newly released one. Then 3 polishes ltr: Perfectly Flesh, Viva Pink, Rose Quartz - all great for summer. On the right a brow pencil in Slate and lastly underneath a clear lipgloss with SPF15.

As always, also some body care but Avons body care can be tricky: some things are pure love while others are pure hate - just check my reviews if you're in doubt of ordering something. I now ordered the new scent of Bubble bath called Almond Blossom. And then 2 foot items: the white jar being a shea souffle and the grey jar are pedi-peel pads. Now that I'm talking about it, I haven't done a review on foot stuff - mental note to do that in the future!!

Recent purchases from you, do share!!!


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