Monday, 3 October 2011

NOTD Avon Vanilla Shake

A couple of weeks ago my Avon order came in, with which I ordered their newly summer polishes - a pastel purple and a soft yellow. I was a bit astonished when I opened the soft yellow and discovered it was actually a beige nude... As I love nudes, I don't mind but I can imagine people being put off by it!
Packaging and bristle is the same as other Avon polishes. Application goes easily, without any streaks. It's a bit sheer - I used 2 coats but for optimal coverage you could use 3. It's a very soft beige with a bit of yellow tone to it. It's definitely a wearable colour for all occasions. But does it belong in a summer collection? Probably not, it should have been more yellowtoned for that.
Nevertheless, it's a nice polish - just not what you might expect from it when you look at the commercial picture...!


G A B Y said...

I have nothing that looks like this! Pretty!

Evelien said...

It's nice indeed, but if your stash is full of nudes you probably already have a dupe :) the yellow tone to it makes it a bit more special than other polishes.

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