Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Review Avon Anew clinical eye lift PRO

A couple of months ago there was an interesting deal in an Avon brochure featuring a mascara, sunglasses and an eyecream for only 10euros. I got the deal mostly because of the sunglasses, the goodies that came along with it were a nice little extra. This eye cream was the one in it. Now I must say that I wouldn't have purchased this eyecream on its own because of its jar packaging and price - it's mostly priced around 20euros when in promotion. I've been using it for the last couple of months and am ready to share my PRO thoughts on it ;)
See more lifted eyes and visibly reduced dark circles. Believe your eyes! See a dramatic lift in just 1 week. Dual eye system includes: UPPER EYE & BROW BONE GEL: instantly, eyes appear tighter and lifted. UNDER EYE CREAM: instantly, undereye shadows are visibly reduced.

The packaging is sleek and looks very luxurious, this "Anew" line from Avon is also their more expensive line aimed at anti-aging and is mostly priced around midrange brands such as Clinique. It's just a shame that it's a jar packaging, I prefer a tube or pump anyday because of the preservation of ingredients. The jar is divided into two part: one creamy part for the lower eye area and one gel part for the upper eye area.
When opening it, you immediately smell a bloomy scent, very pleasant but it's not necessary for me. I prefer my creams without perfume, although these two never irrritated my eye area at any time. The cream is white and has a pleasant texture, very soft. The gel is very sticky and not to my likings. Both of them sink in fast. Off course the cream is much richer than the gel. Both creams provided moisture to my eye area and were ok in usage but far from special (also basic ingredient list) - I didn't notice any of the promised lifting and shadow reducing.
The goods: cream has a nice texture, good basic moisturizer for the eye area, doesn't irritate, pleasant scent, sinks in fast

The bads: jar packaging (!!!), gel isn't pleasant in usage/is sticky, contains fragrance, overclaimed, overpriced

In the end I finished using this jar, currently I only have a bit of gelpart left, because it isn't a bad product. It's just a shame that it's wrongfully packed. Personally I'm not a fan of 2 different creams together, you will always like one more than the other. I won't repurchase this and I wouldn't recommend it either, but if you get it for free - you might just well use it as it's not horrible :).


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