Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Avon polish haul & a few things

This week my recent Avon order came in and I'm warning you - it's a polish overload this time - but with a 1+2 free sale I could not resist at all...
Top row: Pastel Pink, Vanilla Shake, Violetta Sparkle, Gleaming Gold
Bottom row: Modern Mauve, Ballerina, Sateen, Strawberry, Bronzess

A few of these such as Violetta & Sateen turned out a lot darker than I expected and are more suited for fall/winter instead of the end of summer I had in mind...
And a few little extras such as their Pink lip liner and 2 of their new released lipsticks Colordisiac in 'Satin sheets' and 'Colour me Coral' - this last one appears to be very reddish.

Hope you enjoyed my recent purchases, I'm guessing my polish collection is big enough by now...


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