Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sorting out... polishes!

Yesterday I paid a visit to the Ikea with my sister (who recently moved to a new apartment and wanted to browse for some stuff), but off course I also had a few items on my list. One of them were these boxes, simple & cheap:
They're called the DVD and CD kassettes, but I won't be using them for this purpose. I was on the lookout for something to store my polishes in - right now they are in one box, not too convenient as they are all skattered and I can't seem to find the one I'm looking for untill I've lifted them all - with these boxes I can seperate them into nudes - light colours - dark colours - etc... These four boxes fit one shelf of my bookclosset - a Billy one by Ikea as well.

Anyone wants to take a guess at how many polishes I have currently?


Anne said...

die heb ik volgens mij ook. ik heb ze in zo'n kast staan.x

Evelien said...

Idem :) mooi stofvrij.

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