Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Review Avon Super Enchant mascara

Mascara is one of those make-up items that's a must for me. Without it, my eyes feel very naked. If I could choose one make-up item to wear, this would be the one. The last couple of months I've been using this Enchant mascara by Avon, which they released half a year ago or something like that and I must admit, I'm really loving it.
Lightweight mascara for full lookin lases that feel soft-to-the-touch*. 
With 100% naturally derived mineral pigments. 7ml
The packaging is sleek, black, with purplepink letters on it. Nothing too fancy, just the way I like it. The bristles have an odd curved shape to deliver a good curl at the outside of your lashes. The mascara doesn't look smudgy.
Bare eye - one layer above - two layers above / 1 layer bottom.

Here you can see a little before & after. The mascara definitely delivers curl, a bit of length and a bit of volume. It doesn't give you spider leges and it looks natural enough for me. It's easy in usage & doesn't smudge. I only find it a bit impractical for the lower lashes due to the curved shape. Depending how you use the bristles you get a more curled or more volumenized effect. Underneath more pictures with mascara & eyeshadow, where the volume is a bit more visible.
I have been able to use this mascara for about/more than 3 months without smudging and that's quite something. It also has a lovely price, around 7euros and is definitely amongst my favourite ones ever - well done Avon for delivering such a lovely mascara. I will surely repurchase this one, so, don't discontinue it :).


Phil said...

Lijkt het nu maar of bestel je enorm graag veel Avond dingen? :D

BeautyLoves said...

Dat borsteltje vind ik erg leuk! En mooi geprijsd, ook niet onbelangrijk :)

Evelien said...

Ja :), maar het grootste deel heb ik nu al uitgeprobeerd. Ochja, als het een leuke prijs is, ben ik eerder geneigd het eens te proberen...

Schattig he, en het doet nog goed z'n werk ook. Ik geef liever niet al te veel geld uit aan mascara's.

Anonymous said...

thank you!!!!!
after seeing yor pics and review i will buy it tomorrow

Evelien said...

You're welcome, it's a lovely mascara!

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