Friday, 29 April 2011

Skincare & fashion haul

Today a haul of my last 2 weeks purchase in the city. With the spring coming/being here I was in the mood for new stuff and realised I also needed some more sun care to be fully prepared...

I bought another copy of my Bioderma solution = love. I just like to have a spare one in my closset, it's not like I go through a bottle a month or anything. It lasts me several months. I bought 2 things from Avène: an aftersunsoother and an SPF50 for the face (I've used this one in the past and liked it). As a new thing I bought the Louis Widmer deo spray, I read some good things about it - it won't cause any discoloration on lighter colours from sweating, because I'm into white in the summer this is an absolute must for me. So far I haven't found the perfect deo, but who knows this may be the one!!

This lovely t-shirt was on discount: it's a bit seethrough but once you're wearing it it covers up everything. I really fell for this one, a very special t-shirt. It's also from a little shop that doesn't carry many items, so I probably won't catch someone else wearing it, which is always a plus to me.

When I play competition with my dog I like to wear things from Jack Wolfskin, I love the paw-design they often have on their products. Downside is the price range, but once in a while I can splurge... So I got these 2 tops: reddish pink (more pink in real life) and teal, both with a lovely paw on the back. I don't know why the picture shows up blurry on the left side, it's fine on my computer...?

And I also got a soft fleece, also in reddish pink... Ohw, I love how soft this is, almost makes me want to crawl underneath it... And once again, a lovely design on the back featuring little paws - cute!

Have you already bought some sun care for the summer
some summer clothing?


Phil said...

Ook de inkopen gedaan voor de zomer zo te zien :)
Hopelijk heb je evenveel succes met de deo als ik.

BeautyLoves said...

Buiten mijn sandaaltjes geen zomerkledij gekocht! Wel een Lancaster express cleanser-fles, nadat ik er al drie keer naar staan kijken had :D

Evelien said...

Ja, ik hoop het. Mijn andere is bijna op, dus ik hou 'm alvast in de aanslag... Enne zomerinkopen zijn belangrijk he!!

Haha, af en toe mogen we ons eens verwennen he! Is het een leuk product?

BeautyLoves said...

Geen idee! Ik laat nieuwe spullen meestal even acclimatiseren voor ik ze gebruik hahaha!

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