Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Budget Perfume Yves Rocher Les Plaisirs Nature in raspberry

I love sweet scents and when I was in school and on a budget I really liked this Eau de toilette from Yves Rocher. A couple of months ago when I went to their store I decided to grab a copy of it just for occasional wear and for old times :). The scent immediately brought back memories...

A sweet and tender fragrance!A luscious eau de toilette with the mild and tangy smell of freshly picked raspberries. It leaves an irresistible scent and wraps you in exquisite fragrance. Yves Rocher has chosen organic raspberry with a sweet and tender fragrance. Its mild and joyful scent gives the skin an optimistic and stimulating smell.

The packaging is really simple, which you can expect for this pricerange (about 3,5 euros for 20ml and 8,5euros for 100ml). The small bottle is really purseproof and this is easy because reapplying is necessary as it doesn't last long at all. It's a very sweet and young scent, when spraying you smell a bit of alcohol but this fades quickly. After that you get a basic candy scent and this is how it stays, it doesn't contain mysterious notes - just plain simple sweet - perfect for teens. A huge downside is that it doesn't last long. But I enjoyed using this when I was younger and I still like spraying it from time to time. However, in regards to wearing fragrance, I now have more sophisticated perfumes in my stash... This is a good budget perfume if you like a basic sweet scent. It's also available in other scents such as Vanille, Peach etc... but I haven't tried those.

Which is your bring-back-memories-perfume?


Bee said...

hello! i just want to tell that i love your blog! it's a pleasure to meet an another belgian "bloggeuse"! i have a blog too and you're welcome on it! i'm from brussels an i speak french! xoxo!

Evelien said...

Hey Bee, thanks for the compliment, will check your blog too - or I'll try because my French isn't the greatest out there!

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