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Product Praise Budget Avon Glimmerstick Diamonds eye liner

I'm not a big eyeliner fan and I don't wear it daily - I just prefer a more clean natural eye. And, honestly, a whole eyelined eye doesn't suit me at all, it makes me look a bit spooky like I'm from another planet or something like that... So I only wear a bit of eyeliner on my lower lashline, depending on my mood. Nevertheless I do have a good amount of eyeliners in my stash and this one, Glimmerstick Diamonds by Avon is -by far- my favourite of all... I bet you're all curious why??

Each eyeliner comes in a different box with the colour written on the outside. The pens have their colour on the bottom lined & written which makes it easier to grab the one you need. I have 4 of the 6 available colours which are (top to bottom): black ice, brown sugar, smokey diamond (grey), sugar plum. The other 2 colours which I don't have are emerald glow (a green) and twilight sparkle (a blue). They are called "Diamonds" because there are some tiny shimmers in it that are perfect for everyday use and leave the colour softer. If the liners are in discount you pay around 3-4euros for one, a price that I love!

Gorgeously soft and creamy pencil adds a sparkling line to your eyes.
Glides on smoothly, won’t pull or tug skin.

This eyeliner isn't one that needs sharpening, if you don't have enough product you just need to twist it a little bit to get more out of it. If you have too much you can just twist it back - really convenient. Tiny downside is that after having used the tip a lot it doesn't stay pointy and you get a more round tip to work with. This isn't difficult because the pencils are very small and leave a fine line which can be build into a more intense bigger one if you prefer that.

Left to right: black ice, brown sugar, smokey diamond, sugar plum.
Black ice is the one from above with the pointy tip, the other ones are rounded tips.
Click on the pictures for a close-up where you can see the shimmer a bit better.

I mostly use Brown Sugar and Smokey Diamond but if I have to pick one I would go for Brown Sugar, I'm just a fan of brown eyeliners - black often looks too harsh for everyday. These pencils give a fine line and are easy in usage. After a working day they are still as present as before. The tiny shimmers aren't too much, it really depends on the lighting. Overall a very nice product without any downsides, will continue to purchase this - so please Avon, don't discontinue this!


Agnes said...

Ik vind die eyeliners waarbij je gewoon kunt draaien altijd heerlijk om te gebruiken! Geen gedoe met slijpen en vaak zijn ze lekker creamy :D

Evelien said...

Ja, helemaal waar. Deze zijn minder creamy dan de Avon shock eyeliners maar voor mij nog creamy genoeg.

Liza said...

ohh waarom is het in nederland toch altijd zo moeilijk om aan al die leuke budget merken te komen!! dit ziet er super uit.. mooie duidelijke foto's.
weet je eventueel nog websites waar je avon online kunt bestellen?
thanks voor de tip trouwens!:)

Evelien said...

Dankje voor het compliment, ze zijn idd erg leuk.

Je kunt ze via ebay kopen, via een avon-verdeler (als er één in je buurt is) en er was ook een nederlandse site waar je avon kunt bestellen aan de hand v catalogussen online (ik heb dezelfde catalogussen maar dan in het echt), even googlen en je vindt het wel. Moest je echt graag iets willen en er niet aan geraken, mag je me altijd mailen om zo iets te regelen.

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