Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Make up swapping!

When going through my stash I regularly come across products that I no longer use... They don't suit my skintone/type, I don't like the colour anymore and so on. I think we all have a few of these products, some a bit more than the other. When purchasing something new -especially when it's expensive- I always tend to hold on, I don't like impulsive shopping and think thouroughly before purchasing. This may seem a bit odd, because I haul a lot of stuff, but most of these things were frequently pondered about. Nevertheless, I do have products that I don't use, which is a shame. I often give some to my sister or I put them on my sale, but off course you can always swap them as well...

And so I did! I went on makeupalley, on which I've had an account for quite some time. I posted a wishlist and a swaplist and by now I have my first trade. I traded my Shu Uemura foundation brush, because I don't use it anymore - I now use the Sigma F80. I managed to do a swap with a lovely UK girl and got these 2 babies in return...

I'm a big fan of blush and I've been buying lots of them lately. I especially like light pink/peach colours, so these two fit in perfectly. On the left is MAC true romantic and on the right is MAC summer rose (gorgeous packaging). These are my first 2 MAC blushes (sadly, no counter near me) and I'm very keen on trying them!!

If you have some products that you don't use and you don't mind swapping, it's worth having a look at!


Yu said...

I started the Make Up Alley swap a few days ago and wow it's addicting! I got a back-up of a favourite LE eyeshadow from MAC so that was awesome :)

Perfectly Unordinary said...

Lijkt me een leuk idee! Ik heb mij ooit opgegeven voor de Goodiedoos (ook een swap-idee maar dan met een doos die wordt rondgestuurd), maar ben nog steeds niet aan de beurt. Bij dat swappen kan je wel je verlanglijstje meegeven, da's handig!

PinkFairy said...

wow cool! dit moet ik ook eens een keer doen :)

Evelien said...

Hehe, it's great he Yu, especially because you can look for the products you want that others have. It's a great idea.

Ja, de goodiedoos is ook leuk en heb ik ook gedaan maar je weet nooit wat erinzit... Ook een leuk initiatief. Dit ruilen is heel erg specifiek en dat spreekt me wel aan, zo krijg je toch iets wat je 'echt' wilt. Als je een swaplijst aanmaakt, krijg je vanzelf mails. De eerste dag had ik al een stuk of 6 mails over mn swaplijst!! Het is enkel wat stom dat de verzendkosten (pakket) buiten Europa zo hoog zijn, ale, algemeen zijn de verzendkosten van België schandalig!!

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