Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Review Trind The Perfect System

During the summer holiday I bought the Perfect System from Trind for many reasons. I had been hearing so many raves on Dutch beautyblogs about it and I had to face it: my nails could use a treat. My main problems were chipping of the ends on the sides (at that point I would start pulking on it although I know I shouldn't) and they were more orange than pink while the white was more yellow. My hopes were set!

I already did a review on their Polish Remover -love- which has helped with the dryness of my nails and I swear by it. Let's see if my thoughts are similar on their other products... with a guest star on the pictures.

Here are the promises of these products (all 9ml):
  • Cuticle Remover: overgrown cuticles inhibit nail growth. Trind Cuticle Remover softens the cuticles and enables you to easily remove overgrown cuticles with the Trind (splinter free) Manicure Sticks. Your nails will grow visibly better.
  • Cuticle Balsem: do you have dry cuticles? Or do you suffer from hangnails (painful pieces of horned skin around the cuticles that are very painful and in worst case van even cause infections) on a regular basis? Trind brings the solution!
  • Nail Balsem: do you suffer from nails that won’t grow or do you suffer from brittle and dry nails? Trind Nail Balsam is the perfect moisturizer for example when your nails break or split.
  • Trind Nail Repair is an effective nail strengthener which makes your nails strong and keeps them supple at the same time.
This remover is intented to be used once a month with the manicure sticks that come with it - this bottle will last you a very long time because you don't need much of it. I've used it 2 or 3 times so far as my cuticles don't overgrow that much but safe to say it does its job. Apply the product on the cuticles, let it soak in and afterwards they can easily be removed. It is a soft product and you won't wound yourself, which is why I like it. I don't actually notice my nails growing faster because of this...

The cuticle balsem has a lovely pink colour and smells delicious, I just love using it because of its scent... Again, apply on cuticles, let it soak in and afterwards massage the rest of it into your cuticles. My cuticles aren't particular dry, just normal I guess, so I don't use this product daily as Trind recommends. I use it once a week when I file my nails and again it gets the job done. It moisturizes your cuticles, leaves them soft and a lovely scent lingers afterwards. Depending on how much you use it, this will last me quite long as well.

Then onto the nail balsem, one of my beloved nail products! This one also smells good but can't beat the cuticle smell :). It moisturizes your nails and therefore leaves them less dry/brittle, hence the dissapearing of split ends. And it's true, it fulfills its promises. I always apply this after I've taken a bath which leaves my nails dry with a white cast. I then apply this product, let it soak in for a few minutes and massage the rest into my nails. Afterwards my nails look perfectly healthy with a lovely scent to them. I use it at least once a week but you don't need that much of it, depending on how long your nails are.

Lastly, the Nail Repair. As you can see I'm almost out of it, but I already have another bottle in my closset waiting to be opened. So yes, I like this product. Now, don't panic because this bottle is almost empty. Trind recommends that for 2 weeks in a row you have to take it off and apply it daily - along with the Nail Balsem. Which I did for for 4 weeks, because I wanted optimal benefit from it. So that's 28uses from those weeks only. Afterwards I went to once a week, as recommended. This product has made my nails stronger and it is also a very good base for polish. If I use a dark polish I use 2 coats of this base. My nails are less orange/yellow and I'm not afraid to appear with a clear base in public anymore. It applies easily and dries within a few minutes. Only downside I'm having now is that it's getting impossible to apply it. The remains, about 1/4, have become very thick and it's not easy to get product on the brush and apply it. I might use it a few more times before it goes into the bin. Defintely something Trind has to work on, as I don't like to waste product.

<-before / after ->

Conclusion time:
Overall my star products are the Nail Balsem and the Nail Repair, as they have fulfilled my needs. I don't have split ends anymore and my bare nails don't look dry. The cuticle products are also good but less necessary for me. If you are on the lookout for a cure for dry nails that chip, look into this line! I'm already sold...

Trind can be purchased in several drugstores or online. They also give information on their website about shops. All products are priced around 10euros/each.


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Ik deed de overschrijving van de Avon verzendkosten :-) Heb je die goed ontvangen? Ik dacht nochtans dat ik je een mailtje gestuurd had hierover maar aangezien ik nog niks terugkreeg begin ik te twijfelen :-)


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Heb je al teruggemaild ;)

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