Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Budget Review Blistex Lip Relief Cream

Chapped lips, it happens to some of us and it really is annoying and not easy to get rid off... When my lips are chapped there is only one thing that cures them and this is Blistex Lip Relief Cream SPF10. Blistex offers different lip treatments and this is just one of them, the one that works best for me. It is available in most drugstores for 3-4euros.

This cream was recommended to me by my mother and she swears by it. At that point my lips were really hurting and sometimes even bleeding, it was that bad and no other lip balm had been able to do anything. I had been trying several from cheap to expensive, all bagger. When I applied this in the evening, the next morning I already had visible results and after 2more nights - and during the day - my lips were cured, this is a lifesaver. But not everything shines about this product: when applying it, it tingles a bit to me and with some people (my boyfriend for instance) it hurts. I haven't had any troubles with it, but it can be a sideeffect. Apart from the tingling, it hasn't got a good taste nor smell and after applying, it leaves a slightly white cast on your lips behind. This is understandable as it is a white cream, that's why it's better to use this before going to bed - although it has an SPF, usefull is it, not? And lastly the ingredients aren't all great: it contains perfume and alcohol denatol but the last one is in a very small amount, luckily otherwise it would have gone straight to the bin :)

The goods: really helps, budget price, available everywhere, SPF10

The bads: tingles, taste & scent, white cast, ingredients

Overall I recommend this product as I've had wonderfull experiences with it, but it's not the same for everyone. If you suffer from chapped lips, especially now in the winter period, give this a try for a few euros and maybe it will work its same wonder on you!


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