Saturday, 13 November 2010

Review Topcat INM Out the Door

I love nail polish, as you've all witnessed my NOTDs the past months you can easily state I like my nails with a gorgeous polish on them. I'm not a fan of bare nails, I don't think it suits me but it does some people... Nail polish can be a pain to apply and more precisely to dry, leaving you disabled untill it's dry. That's why fastdrying topcoats were invented, leaving it unnecessary for you to wait hours before your polish is dry. Today I'm going to talk about one of them, that I've been using the last few months...

The INM topcoat has already got quite some fame in blogland and has often been talked about. I bought this one over Seche Vite because of the horror thickening stories you read about it. It costed me 3-4euros online (ebay) for 15ml which is a very good price, I've been using it for 4months now and there's still 2/3 left in the bottle. The bottle itself is simple, but ok. Same goes for the brush, but I wished it were a bit larger. I'm used to OPI brushes and this one is so tiny in comparison...

Now onto the major part, the fastdrying topcoat!! This topcoat is meant to be dry in a few minutes, well that just depends on how many layers and how much polish you apply. Myself, I usually apply one base coat, 2 layers of polish and the topcoat. From my experience this topcoat dries from 10minutes to 45minutes, and by dry I mean very very dry! Usually I watch a bit of tv or youtube for half an hour and the job is done... I noticed that light shimmer polishes like OPI Give me the moon 2 layers dries in just 5-10minutes, kind of glitter polishes like OPI Sand in my Suit 2 layers take about 15minutes and then creme polishes like OPI Kiss on the Chic take the longest from 30minutes onwards... This has helped me in being selective chosing a polish depending on how much time I have to apply.

The topcoat itself is very good and lasts me at least a week without any chipping, but then again my polish rarely chips. After a few days the tips become slightly visible but you can easily take care of that with a file.

Overall I think this is a very good top coat for its price that I would recommend and will repurchase myself. But I might try the Seche Vite after all to see if it goes faster... This product doesn't get a Product Praise because my favourite polishes are creme polishes and I don't always have half an hour to spare.


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Deze heb ik ook; ik ben er ook tevreden van, maar zoals je zelf zegt, de droogtijd duurt toch wat langer dan seconden :)

Eva's beautyblog said...

Ik ben heel tevreden over de INM Out The Door topcoat, persoonlijk vind ik hem beter dan de Seche Vite :)
Seche Vite heeft bij mij de neiging om te vergelen, erg vervelend als je vaak lichte nagellak draagt.

Evelien said...

@ perfectly: ja inderdaad, we kunnen altijd hopen dat er ooit zo'n topcoat gaat komen!

@ eva: oei, dat heb ik nog niet gehoord maar daar ga ik zeker op letten als ik 'm koop want ik draag veel lichte kleuren, dankje voor de tip

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