Thursday, 4 November 2010

Review By Terry Sérénité de Rose

Quite some time ago I talked about the exclusive brand of By Terry and shared my products with you. She offers make-up and skincare, both in the high end department. I've already talked about her make-up, today it's time for an item from her skincare line of Roses. I love the scent of Roses and the packaging of this line is very beautifull, a lovely soft pink all over...

A radiance booster par excellence, this fondant mask restores freshness and radiance to tired, dry and devitalized skin. Bursting with premium botanical extracts, its hydra-calming formula replenishes, smoothes and infuses the epidermis with softness and serenity. Its rich and creamy texture has a relaxing effect and plunges the face into a revitalizing comforting bath with an instant smoothing effect. Supple, silky and hydrated, the skin appears plumped up and illuminated with a rosy glow. The features are relaxed and the complexion perfectly even with restored clarity.

A lovely pink tube packaging with engraved letters on it, hello luxurious feeling - for 55euro/100ml. The cream itself is quite thick and also has a light pink colour. When squeezing it out of the tube, the scent hits your nose and it's perfect! The best roses scent ever, I could sniff on it all day... Apart from having a great scent, let's have a closer look at it.

Make sure you don't hit my cheek!! I apply a thick layer of this cream (picture above shows when a lot has sunk in already) and leave it on for as long as I have time, usually about half an hour. It doesn't come with a specific time so just adjust to your likings. When applying the cream I'm definitely aware of its freshness, it's creamy and the scent works relaxing. After half an hour I remove what's left with a few cotton pads. My skin feels hydrated and very soft/supple. The remains of the cream leave your skin glowing, but this is only temporary. If you wash it off, your glow is gone...

The goods: heavenly scent, rich (I have dry skin), relaxes, 100ml tube

The bads: price, glow is temporary, contains perfume

Overall this is a good masque, I just wish it wasn't so expensive, which doesn't make it recommendable for regular use. I would only use this on special occasions before your make-up, so you can benefit from the glow if you're willing to spend some. It does contain perfume, but my sensitive skin didn't get irritated.

I haven't come across an equally good masque with a scent I like, so I might repurchase this one to use once in a while. You do get 100ml *trying to justify me buying it*!


Eva's beautyblog said...

Ooh, ik hou ook heel erg van rozen!
Ziet er een heel fijn product uit, zo te zien :)

Evelien said...

Rozen zijn zalig ja en het product is ook erg fijn!!

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