Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My look-a-like-but-even-better Uggs

I love Christmas but I don't love the winter that comes along with it... When the temperature goes below 15degrees it is cold, to me. So I tend to wear quite a lot of clothes these days!! A couple of weeks ago I went shopping with my mother for winter shoes and I wanted the concept of Uggs but better, because Uggs are so big and wide. I'm a fan of sophisticated narrow shoes... And yes, I did find what I was looking for, surprisingly enough!!!

I came across these boots in Avance, available in grey/blue and brown. Because I often tend to wear jeans, I got the grey/blue ones. They are perfect: soft warm inside, solide sole and quite narrow to fit my small feet without looking like a "big wide boot". I had a coupon code so they costed me around 65euros instead of 79euros, also a good price for boots like these.

I wore them today for the first time and love them even more, they are so comfortable and look adorable... I love shoe shopping and finding your perfect pair...


Ria said...

They really are better than Uggs...My aunt bought me some Uggs last year and they said they were my number, but they were huuuge!And they're not comfortable.Boo :(

Yours are so pretty!

Martje said...

oeh love your boots!! I have small feet, but my calfs are huge :S so it is Uggs for me... :(

Evelien said...

Oh Ria, sad to hear that but I support your opinion on Uggs, I get it. I hope you can find a nice pair of boots! Thanks for the compliment!

Martje: that can be annoying. My mother also has them. But I do have other problems with my feet, every pony has its tricks you know!

Ann said...

Mooi! Deze schoenen zien er ook eleganter uit vind ik :)

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