Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Budget Review Avon Shimmer Rose Body Lotion

Roses, budget, lotion, pink... sounds like music to my ears!! So when I saw this half a year ago in an Avon catalogue (*a special edition of their care body lotion*) I didn't hesitate and ordered a bottle. It costed 4euros for 400ml.

A creamy, soft shimmering body lotion which leaves skin feeling velvety and moisturised.

The bottle has a lovely pink colour and looks better than their regular Care lotion, the butterflies and roses give it a soft touch. Apart from that it's really basic, which is normal considering the price.

Then, the lotion itself. It's white and very fluid, like a lotion should be. When spreading it -which goes easy-, the shimmers become visible but they aren't too present, you won't look like a christmas ball. The scent reminds me of roses but a bad kind of roses, it kinda reminds me of the "old people roses scent" if you know what I mean. It's not my cup of tea at all, I've never experienced a roses scent I disliked before - weird! The lotion spreads easily and sinks in fast.

The goods: price, sinks in fast, moisturizes

The bads: scent

Overall I wouldn't repurchase because of the scent even though the product itself is okay. But they also offer this lotion in their regular range with another smell, I might try that one later on!


Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree with the scent but It doesn't last long

Evelien said...

Long enough for me to smell it ;), even now I can recall the scent like it ws yesterday yek!

Meryem said...

U really make me wanna try all those Avon products!

Evelien said...

It's a risk: they have good thing and bad things - so be sure to check my reviews first!

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