Thursday, 25 November 2010

NOTD Catrice Absolutely Chinchilly

Nail polish and me are good friends... as you all know and noticed in my giveaway, I'm really happy you all enjoy it! Some time ago I bought new polishes from Catrice - this was one of them, they released a few new colours and I had to have this, it basically had my name written all over it. It's a lovely creme fall greyish colour that will suit everyone...

Application went smooth like all Catrice polishes and dries quite fast. I used 2 layers here. The only downside I experience with Catrice is its lasting time, as I mentioned before. After 2-3 days the tips wear off, which is not the case with OPI for instance. I just file my nails a bit to solve this problem fast. It is a budget brand, so I don't expect it to last me as long as a Chanel polish.

This is a great colour that I will often wear this fall, my boyfriend also mentioned he liked this more than the muddy colours I sometimes put on. Catrice is available in several stores and costs about 2euros/bottle.


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Ik vind het wel een mooi kleurtje!

aline said...

mooi kleurtje. jammer dat ze bij ons het nieuwe meubel nog niet hebben.

Evelien said...

Zeker de moeite hoor :) Spijtig, bij ons ook niet overal hoor, ze zijn soms een beetje traag!

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