Friday, 12 November 2010

Budget Review Avon Brightening Lemon & Cucumber hand cream

Hands... are almost as important as my face when it comes to the caring part about it. People often neglect their hands in the process but remember, they have to endure quite a bit during a regular day. I like to keep mine healthy with the occasional scrub and daily hand creams... Apart from caring for your hands those creams also have a noticable impact on your nails as they moisturize your cuticles when used. All the more reasons to use hand creams. I have a lot of them and since I'm starting my Project Pan I decided to empty a few creams but not before I've written a review on them...

I'm starting with an Avon hand cream as they have a wide range at a very good price. When in promotion these creams cost about 2-3euros for 125ml, bargain and totally budget price! The cream comes in a tube packaging, which looks simple and nice. I like the purple to it.

Quickly absorbed, non-sticky hand cream with cucumber and lemon extracts help moisturise and tone skin, leaving it soft and supple and looking brighter. 125ml.

The cream itself is white and quite runny, it's more a lotion than it actually is a cream. It spreads easily but it doesn't sink in fast, it takes a few minutes (or more). That's why I only use this cream at night and don't carry it around with me - I always have a hand cream with me just to use when I'm waiting somewhere or having a drink -. Because this is a lotion, it isn't very moisturizing. I have dry hands and when I put this on they feel a bit moisturized but not as intense as I would like. Lastly, the scent, which is my favourite part of this cream. It smells so good, most present is the cucumber and it gives it such a fresh touch.

The goods: great scent, budget price

The bads: doesn't sink in fast, not moisturizing enough, alcohol denatol is at the lower part of ingredients list

Overall this is an ok hand cream, especially considering the price and is worth trying. Sadly enough it doesn't suit my hands skin type, they need a cream that provides more moisture. I wouldn't buy it again because of this and because it contains alcohol denatol. If this doesn't bother you, go ahead and try it.


Shang J. said...

Hey does this cream do anything in the hand-brightening department?

Evelien said...

No, it doesn't - it only imparts a little glow on your hands.

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