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A whole while back I got tagged by Pinkfairy, who blogs in Dutch, but hadn't had time to do this tag. I do find it worth talking about, so here it is... Thanks!

Why did you start a beautyblog? I enjoy writing a lot (in the past I wrote short stories from time to time) and needed a place to place my remarks. I also noticed that a lot of the brands I use aren't blogged about much, so I wanted to give them a proper place for others to read. I chose to blog in English because of my profession, now I've changed my carreer plans and it doesn't matter that much anymore - but I enjoy writing in English, I think it's an easy language to express yourself.

How did you come up with the name of your blog? I wanted something original and simple at the same time. Ponder means thinking/thoughts and this blog is a place where I put down my thoughts on beauty products and other random things like fashion and so on.

How many visitors have you got a day? I've installed a counter in the sidebar to keep track of it, between 50 and 150 depending on the day and post.

Who works on your blog? Just me, myself and I... it's my little baby :)

What is the best thing you've experienced thanks to your blog? Probably when someone tells me how my review helps them or when they like them, which is after all the purpose of my blog.

How many comments do you get on a post? This also depends on the post, maybe an average of three? If you reply, I will always reply back. I love reading comments on my posts, it helps me to measure what my readers like/don't like and want to read/don't want to read.

Do you work with companies? No, I do not. If a company wants to send me something to review, that's possible, but I will always put down my honest opinion on any product.

What kind of camera do you use? I use a Sony Cybershot, it's a decent camera for pictures with proper lighting.

How do you come up with inspiration for a post? Depends on my mood, sometimes I write a few posts on a day if I'm in my writing period. Other days I enjoy taking pictures of products. Mostly when I'm pleased or dissatisfied with a product, I want to share my thoughts and I make a mental note of the review in my head.

Which other beauty bloggers are you inspired by? I love Lisa Eldridge, who's a make-up artist in the UK. I also followed Lollipop26 because I like her signature style, but she's on a break. I follow a lot of blogs and mostly I'm inspired by certain posts.

Do you sometimes get negative comments? Not too much, but it has happened. If that's your honest opinion, then I don't mind. Everyone is entitled to their thoughts.

Do you post daily? I post at least 5 times a week, during the working days. I'm rarely home in the weekends, because I play competition. If however I am home in the weekend and want to share something, I put it on - happens occasionally.

What kind of lay-out do you have and did you create it yourself? Just basic black and white, which is standard from blogspot but I like to keep it clean and simple.

Is your blog your company? Would you want it to be? No, it's one of my hobbies and I enjoy it. It would be nice if I could make money from it, but that's not my intention, I'm just having fun writing.

Do you have real life contact with other beauty bloggers? No, I haven't had contact yet but who knows in the future? I've got to known more blogs already and enjoy reading new posts.

I tag Eva, things4her, beauty vibes... If you are inspired to do this tag, feel free to and leave a link below so I can read it as well!


PinkFairy said...

Leuk om te lezen :) Lisa Eldridge is idd geweldig :)

Anya Rudn said...

Great questions =)
You have a lovely blog!

visit me @

Evelien said...

Ja, echt een professional!

Thanks Anya, I'll check your blog as well!

Eva's beautyblog said...

Bedankt voor de leuke tag! Ik plaats hem zo snel mogelijk! :D

Evelien said...

Graag gedaan!!

Anonymous said...

Nu ik lees dat je gemiddeld "maar" drie comments per artikel krijg voel ik me een beetje schuldig. Ik lees je blogartikels elke keer met veel plezier, maar laat nooit een comment achter.

Nu dus wel! Want ik vind je blog top!

Evelien said...

Oh, dankje, aardig van je en erg leuk om te lezen, ik begin zowaar te blozen, - enne bedankt voor de comment he! Ik ben blij met elke reactie op een artikel, daarom dat ik ook altijd op andere blogs iets probeer te schrijven - ik weet hoe leuk ik het zelf vind!

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