Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Review Louis Widmer Extrait Liposomal serum

And here is the last one of my Louis-Widmer-skincare-try-outs. The previous one, being a toner, wasn't really succesfull neither recommendable. But, since this serum regularly gets decent reviews I had high hopes for it... Cute pink packaging ahead, be warned*
Matrixyl is very effective against wrinkles. It supports the skins own moisture regulation and enhances the skins elasticity. The skin structure is strenghtened and has more volume. Irregularities and wrinkles get filled from inside and are vibly reduced.
Hyaluronic acid is an efficacious moisturizer with a high potential of water retention in the corneous layer.

Biostimulines replace the substances which the skin lacks due to progressively decreasing peripheral circulation. Using liposomes as a carrier, this replacement process gains in efficacy in a way which was not possible heretofore. The skin has a fresher and more attractive appearance. Even after a few days the surface of the horny layer is much softer and more supple.
Ok, so I don't have any wrinkles yet, but I do have a case of fine lines appearing here and there... making a serum very useful. Since I have dry skin I'm all about letting my skin arrange its moisture, plus who doesn't want soft and supple skin? And this product puts down a few nice claims I really want it to achieve. The packaging is heavy, made of glass, looking all luxurious... It has a pump, which is good, and it gives a nice amount.
The product is a gel with no particular scent. I use this dot for my entire face, as it spreads easily. It's not particular moisturizing, I don't find it adding anything when used on its own. You definitely need a moisturizer afterwards (it's not one of those serums that can be used as a moisturizer if you have more oily skin). I was able to use it for 2 months, when applied morning & evening. Sadly I didn't notice it doing anything positive... it didn't do anything negative either. Strange, not? My fine lines or irregularities weren't erased. It made no difference in my skin at all or make my moisturizer more effective. I've tried other "so-called-ageing-serums" before and liked some of them, so the you-re-not-old-enough-crap doesn't work!
Bottom line, I will not repurchase...


Anonymous said...

How unfortunate for you, I love the serum but I'm 50 and have visible signs of aging that diminished with regular use. I love that I can use it around my eyes as well as face and neck. It instantly absorbs into my skin, I follow with LW vitalizing cream and contour eye cream. I think my skin looks fantastic for my age!

Evelien said...

That's great :) maybe I'll give it another try when I'm older!

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