Monday, 2 April 2012

Review Bio Beauté by Nuxe Anti- aging Soothing cream

Ah, French pharmacie brands, yes, here we are again - I do love them with all my heart & I always wind up finding new favourites. Nuxe is a brand from which I've already tried several products in the past and found a few lovely ones worth repurchasing. So when they released their Bio Beauté line as their Organic Cosmetics, I was keen and eager to try it. This is my first purchase from this line, but for sure won't be my last...!
A soft, soothing and comfortable anti-aging cream
This cream for dry and very dry sensitive skin is a pure concentrate of softness to soothe, soften, comfort (blend of oily extracts of Organic Plum, Organic Peach and Organic Cherry) and prevent premature skin aging (antioxidant action of Butterfly Tree).

Also available in a lighter form for normal to combination sensitive skin.

The packaging, like Nuxe's regular line, is really simple. A bit more sophisticated because of the dark red colour. I love that they only offer tubes and/or bottles in their Bio Beauté range (which isn't the case in their regular range, they offer several jars, such a shame). This particular tube contains 30ml and retails for around 20euros - available in several pharmacies / IU-store. I was able to use this tube for about 3 months daily. It's not the easiest brand to find, but it's beginning to be picked up by more stores and is becoming more and more available...
This qualifies as an anti-aging cream, but there isn't much anti-aging about it (like most products who claim so). It's a rich cream, intented for dry & very dry skin. It contains cherry, plum & peach extracts - I do notice a light cherry scent to it, but it isn't overwhelming. I'm actually quite fond of the scent, smells natural and not overly perfumed. If you squeeze the tube gently you get a little dot out of it, off course, you do need more to cover your entire face. I use about 3 times the amount for my face at night (if you have really dry skin I don't think this is moisturizing enough or you need too much in comparison to make it work). It spreads easily and sinks fast into the skin, but is at the same time very moisturizing. It doesn't leave your skin with a greasy film, it just sinks in and leaves a soft, matte canvas. I enjoyed using this cream, especially now with the winter-spring breaking in: my skin is still dry and needs the moisture. It never irritated my sensitive skin, again a big plus. However, a little point of negative, I didn't notice this cream doing anything spectacular to my skin either (but then again, my skin is at the moment quite good at its own). It's a good cream for dry & sensitive skin that works softening & soothing, that's all there is to know.

The goods: nice scent, tube packaging, moisturizing enough for dry skin, can be used by sensitive skin, sinks in fast, leaves skin soft & matte

The bads: brand not easy to find, probably not rich enough for really dry skin, midrange pricing

Overall this product has gotten so many positive points that it's worth repurchasing for me, most products always put me off by their scent or packaging or being irritating and so on.... This is an overall moisturizer, that I can use at any time and that alone is good enough. If you have dry & sensitive skin, and having a hard time finding a decent moisturizer, try this one.


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