Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Beautyexpert hauling

When you love to shop online the amount of stores you buy from only seem to go up, finding another one and another one and another one (leaving you actually with way too many newsletters)! So it's quite logic you order more from certain shops than others, depending on brands etc... I hadn't ordered from beautyexpert in a while - read: months - so when I got  an 'we miss you'-discount code for 20% off I didn't hesitate and placed quite a large order...
First up: a GHD styling brush: this is size 3, the large one, with natural bristles. I've been meaning to get a decent brush for blowdrying my hair and read a few good things about this brand. But their brushes aren't the cheapest and hardly ever are on discount, so with 20% off I just had to try this (so far, I'm loving it!).
HG Tweezerman browmousse, yet another copy to put in my back-up-stable. From Peter Thomas Roth, a mineral powder with SPF 30: I bought this 2years ago and really liked it, but for some reason I cannot find it anywhere... I know I hadn't finished it, but where could it be? I should do a review on this one, it's good stuff! Also a little something for my lips: Pai bergamot lip balm, not too expensive but I felt like I needed it!
And to finish it: Becca's Lost Weekend palette. I initially wanted to get it, but didn't because of its price tag but now with a discount code applied it looked appealing and it was still in stock so I splurged and got it...

Great hauling, ohh, I love shopping!


Sunny said...

Wheee what a wonderful haul! You've got some Becca too! I can't wait to see what you think about it. It feels like I have too many similar shades, but Becca is supposed to be an amazing brand :)

Evelien said...

I already have a few Becca items such as the eye tint and the shimmering skin perfector, both of which I love! I also have these similar shades but, I needed this palette!

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