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Review Pai Camellia & rose gentle hydrating cleanser

And so we are reaching the end of the Pai-saga, or at least my saga of getting to know this lovely skincare brand... Pai is definitely amongst one of my favourite brands regarding skin care for sensitive & dry skins (= me & probably a lot of my readers as well), sadly, it comes with a price tag *why, oh, why are things I like so expensive all the time?*... This cleanser is no exception to what I've told in the past!
Our Camellia & Rose gentle hydrating cleanser easily removes dirt, make-up and other impurities that build up on your skin throughout the day.
Suitable for all skin types, including allergy prone skin, the Pai cleansing system is gentle but effective. Unlike detergent or alcohol based cleansers, it won't dry out or irritate your skin.
Bursting with omega 3 and vitamins A, B, C & E, this cleanser works to hydrate your skin, leaving it soft and supple.
The included exfoliating muslin cloth lifts away dead skin cells to leave a smooth and fresh complexion.
Use with cotton wool pads around the delicate eye area to remove even waterproof mascara.
The packaging is like other Pai products: simple and lovely. This cleanser has an easy-to-use pump that distributes just enough cleanser with only one pump - actually they advice you to use 2-3 pumps but that is way too much. And since this cleanser costs 30euros for its 100ml it's best not to waste any product. Nevertheless, 100ml, with just one pump per cleanse, does last some time. I was able to use it for several months.
This product can be used as a cleanser or a make-up remover. Personally I've mainly used it as a cleanser because I prefer a miccelar solution such as Bioderma to remove my make-up prior to cleansing. Nevertheless, this cleanser is also appropriate for make-up removal and can be used around the eye area. It's perfect for sensitive skin.
This cleanser is a thick creamy one that has a flowery scent, but it isn't overwhelming - just pleasantly present. It spreads easily, but is still very thick - it feels very moisturizing on dry skin and doesn't leave your skin feeling tight afterwards. It never irritated my skin at any point. For me, it cleanses deep enough, but I seldom get break-outs (only a bit of clogging from time to time). Because it is a thick cleanser be sure to get everything off with a warm cloth to prevent clogged pores.
The goods: thick cleanser, good for dry skin, hydrating, doesn't irritate, nice flowery scent, cleanses good, can be used as a make-up remover as well, easy pumpsystem

The bads: pricing at 30euros for 100ml, only available online (through their website or on beautybay)
To sum it up: yes, another Pai product I like - however, another Pai product that I do consider to be very expensive considering the amount you are getting for its price. There are likewise products in brands such as La Roche-Posay, Avène,... that offer the same type of cleanser for less (maybe not as thick as this one, but more or less the same). Will I repurchase this one? Maybe... but I think I will stick to my French brands for cleansers as they never disappoint me and cost about half of this one. Pai is focused on being on organic & natural brand and if this is important to you, give it a go, you will not be disappointed!


Phil said...

Zalig spul! Echt heel leuk product hoor, mijn huid kalmeert er echt wel door dus zeker een heraankoop waardig.
Als je iets soortgelijk wilt proberen, ben momenteel Alpha-H balancing cleanser with aloe vera aan het gebruiken. Veel lopender maar je krijgt wel 200ml en het is ook heel goed!
Trekt direct in en huid wordt babyzacht. Geschikt voor rond de ogen ook :)

Of je wacht to ik een review schrijf binnen 7 weken haha.

Sunny said...

Hmm camellia and rose, sounds so good already as it is! I haven't tried Pai before though I'd really love to! I've heard good things about this brand. Thanks for sharing Evelien :)

Bec said...

These products sound so lovely from your reviews, I might have to purchase some off of BeautyBay. I've never bought anything off of there before but the free shipping is very appealing!

Evelien said...

Phil: ah, bedankt voor de tip, ga ik zeker doen! Aloe vera klinkt al zalig!

You're welcome Sunny, it's a good brand, just a bit pricey. And it all smells lovely!

Thanks Bec. I've ordered several times from them and they are quick in shipping. They also regularly have discounts, so surely sign up for their newsletter!

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