Thursday, 5 January 2012

Finished Winter 2011

Last week whilst throwing a few finished products into "the finished bin" I noticed it began getting a bit too crowded, so here's another episode of my finished stuff. The last one of 2011 as I emptied most products in that year... Again, mostly skincare, as my make-up - even my daily products - seem to last forever...!
  • Tweezerman BrowMousse: ahh, HG, how I love you and will continue to repurchase you forever. I think I go through 2 of them a year? Best brow gel pricequalitywise in my opinion, a must to try if you haven't alread
  • Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkel Filler serum: I was able to buy this quite cheap with almost 50% off. I mainly bought it because of its ingredients, not because of its name. It contains some good antioxidants but I wasn't fully convinced by it, a review is on its way.
  • Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector: I used this as a make-up base and while I like it, I'm not wowed by it. It's good, but also heavily fragranced. There must be better alternatives for this one I think.
  • Pai Anti-ageing eye cream: another Pai product and yes, I like this one too. But again the pricing is very steep, 30euros for 10ml - say what?? A review will also follow describing why I like it and why I hate its price tag.
  • Louis Widmer deo creme: I bought this one because I love their spray and thought this creme would be perfect during the winter for my dry skin. But, sadly, it has not lived up to its expectation and I will not repurchase it nor recommend it for various reasons. Again, a review is on its way (yes, I'm writing a lot!).
  • Batiste Boho dry shampoo: dry shampoo = my fringe loves it & I have been trying all of Batiste's range. This is the same product but just with a different fragrance. I will continue to purchase their dry shampoos, they work well and aren't too expensive. I'm also getting other people hooked on this, it's amazing how little people know the existance of dry shampoo...!
  • La Roche Posay Hydraphase UV riche: my favourite day cream with an SPF of 20. I already started my new pump, this is becoming an HG of me. Perfect for dry sensitive skins, which I'll explain in the review coming up.
  • Paula's Choice Resist 5% AHA: I love exfoliators and more specifically AHA's. I bought the set of these AHA's being the 5% daily and 10% weekly one. I enjoyed using this one, will put a review and most likely it is on the repurchase list.
  • Bioderma Sensibio H2O: I love this make-up remover and I've already said my praise, repurchase this one forever
  • Joico K-Pak shampoo: I've been using the whole K-PAK line from Joico & now I have finally finished this shampoo. Joico offers big bottles and the K-Pak line is really worth looking into, I enjoyed using it a lot - though not a review yet.
  • Avon Bubble Bath: yet again another bath product from Avon, this time in the scent "Strawberries & cream", this was also a limited version - it was ok but maybe a bit too sweet for my taste!

That was quite a lot now - I'm so proud of me... *goes off to purchase new items*


    BeautyLoves said...

    Veel producten of merken die mij ook nauw aan het hart liggen :) Joico bijvoorbeeld, ik gebruik ook de K-Pak producten, heb nu de Smoothing Balm in huis.

    Jeneille said...

    love your blog! Looking for an option to follow you but not seeing one :(

    Evelien said...

    Die heb ik nog niet geprobeerd, voorlopig nog genoeg voorraad!

    Jeneille: thanks, that is so sweet of you! Yes, there are some problems with the "my followers" sidebar - it's there but it doesn't show up. I've added a few other things to subscribe that do show up!

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