Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Never again: Louis Widmer Deo crème

After my praise of Louis Widmer's deo spray I went ahead and ordered the crème & stick as well, thinking if one is good the other must be as well. But there are & always will be exceptions to this rule I guess. Because of the winter I started using the deo creme, adding my dry skin & winter together - this deo should be perfect for it. If only...
Aluminium chlorohydrate reduces excessive perspiration. In addition, the products contain bacteriostatic substances with a broad spectrum which are dermatologically and allergologically safe. Chitosan contained in Deo Roll-on is a marine deodorizing agent and care factor in one. Ethylhexylglycerine stops odour causing bacteria to form on the skin. The mild bases ensure excellent tolerance even by very sensitive skin. The products are well-tolerated, even by irritated skin in the axillary region.
Packaging is sleek & simple - I prefer no-nonsense instead of over-the-top. There's a dop on top, you have to turn the bottom to get the creme product out of it - it almost 'jumps' out of the bottle - very funny. I used one twist for daily usage. It has a very very light scent, hardly noticeable. It doesn't irritate and glides on easily. It keeps me fresh & hydrated all day... Then what's wrong with it, you might ask? I only noticed after wanting to wash my clothes... I wore a black shirt and there were white stains all over it on the inside, off course from this product. I tried different fabrics but with the same effect - it keeps leaving stains (which you can wash out, that's true) & I'm way too scared the stains are visible on the outside when wearing something light or see-through. I tried using less product but that didn't help either...
I am a bit disappointed in this product, I expected more from it, definitely! Oh well, I still love the deo spray & will continue to use that one forever - not that particular one you know - as it doesn't have this problem.

I still have the dry stick to try out though, but first I'm sticking with this spray untill it's empty, then I'm willing to give the other one a shot!


Phil said...

Ik heb het helemaal niet op cremes als deo, het is vragen om problemen. Er is toch bijna niemand die 'droge oksels' heeft ofwel?
Terug naar de spray versie he? Ik ben nooit gestopt hehe

BeautyLoves said...

Argh, haat aan deo's die vlekken geven! Nochtans ben ik wel heel tevreden van mijn Sanex Dermo Repair roller, voorheen had ik altijd sprays, maar die roller heeft echt goed werk geleverd.

Evelien said...

Goh Phil, die van mij voelen soms wat droog aan of is dat maar een gedacht misschien? Ik ben niet echt geneigd om het nog meer uit te testen. Yes, helemaal terug aan de spray - die ge-wel-dig is!

De Sanex rollers zijn ook leuk, daar heb ik er ook eentje van gebruikt en een positieve review van geplaatst, de perzikkleurige was dat - koop ik misschien ook eens opnieuw, welke heb jij? Maar de spray van Louis Widmer is dan weer wel super, moet je eens proberen. Ik gebruik het liefst een roller of een spray (maar dan niet zo'n ijzerenbusspray).

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