Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Review Pai Lotus & orange blossom BioAffinity toner

A couple of months ago I did a big Pai order, mainly because of getting a free eye cream along with it when purchasing a toner. Getting something for free -especially since particular eye cream costs around 30euros- is always a good reason for purchasing. Pai offers 2 different toners: one for combination skin & one for dry skin. I, obviously, bought the one for dry skin which is called "orange blossom".
Soothes, tones and hydrates dry, sensitive skin · Alcohol-free
Pai Lotus & Orange Blossom BioAffinity Toner is unique in containing pure 'living waters' extracted directly from the plant. With regular use, these vitamin and mineral rich elixirs help to soothe and hydrate dry and sensitive skin, and protect it from free-radical damage. Plants are naturally rich in a multitude of hydro-soluble compounds. The waters circulating within them absorb important nutrients from the earth, and inherit a unique combination of amino acids, vitamins and trace mineral elements. These 'living waters' have the exact pH and resistivity balance of healthy skin, giving unparalleled skin affinity while improving skin tone and texture. Commonly, toners are composed of an inert and demineralised floral water or alcohol base with few skin benefits. Pai does not use alcohol, even natural grain varieties, as it dries out the skin, strips natural oils and is unsuitable for sensitive skin and Rosacea sufferers.
Suitable for Vegans. Not tested on animals.
Let me start by saying this toner is small, small being 50ml but with a spray on top of it. It comes in a heavy milk glass bottle and is as luxurious as it seems. Pai definitely knows how to pack their products: all of them look luxurious and are packed so their ingredients remain active - this means pumps/sprays all the way. This particular toner costs around 35euros and can be purchased on their own website or in other various webshops, though the price remains more or less the same.

Toners either come with an opening to use with a cotton pad or with a spray. I haven't still figured out which one I prefer but... I do know that most sprays I've used in the past are either too strong or too light or simply don't work properly where you only have half your face covered or your entire bathroom. That's not the case with this spray, it spreads a light mist and covers a large area of your face. Thumbs up for spray & packaging.
But a spray means nothing if the product inside it doesn't do its job. And this product does its job. I've been using it for 4months twice a day - quite long considering it's 50ml - and I wished I didn't like it so much. It never irritated my skin in any way and it works really soothing. It has a light orange blossom scent, but I hardly noticed it. After spraying I let it dry naturally, which doesn't take too long and I noticed my skin is less dry than before I used this product.
The goods: good spray, ingredients (no alcohol), works soothing, doesn't irritate, good on dry skin

The bads: only 50ml, pricing - damnit!

This is such a lovely toner, but one with a heavy price tag. I do like it a lot, but I'm not sure whether I can justify its benefits by its price for 50ml. I may repurchase it in the future, still contemplating...! Surely wish they would make bigger bottles of it! If your wallet can afford it, try it - I think you'll love it as well!


Phil said...

Ooh hier heb ik op gewacht!
Die toner leek idd zo klein op het eerste zicht, maar gaat lang mee! Jikes die spraykop geeft een goeie mist en niet zo een straal in uw oog. Niets irritatie en geen alcohol + het hydrateerde echt wel. In het begin gebruikte ik veel product, maar na een tijd merkte ik dat ik met 1 tot 2 sprays meer dan genoeg had.

Als je de prijs en duur van gebruik vergelijkt, kom je wel goedkoper uit dan het gros van de 'toners'. Deze irriteert ook niets dus zijn geld waard voor mij :)
Ik had de gewone versie gekocht met rozemarijn en rijstwater.

Replica said...

I am a big fan of the Pai range :) Like you I like the toners but do find them a bit costly given the small size.

Evelien said...

Phil: ja, je hebt idd erg weinig sprays ervan nodig. Ik denk dat deze versie beter bij m'n huid past. Misschien koop ik 'm opnieuw. Ik heb nog enkele nieuwe toners liggen, die moeten er eerst wel door. Maar het is idd goed spul!!

Replica: yes, they make such nice things but pricey, very pricey. This toner also, it lasts a long time but it is still expensive. Wish I were rich^^!

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