Monday, 30 January 2012

Review MischaRocks pro hy shampoo & reconstructor

Washing my hair is always something I'm not looking forward to, mainly because it is so time consuming... So when washing it I like to pamper it a bit longer, because what are those extra 10minutes when you're already spending an hour on it? Exactly, peanuts. I also use styling tools so my hair can become quite dry from time to time, a good mask or moisturizing conditioner is a must for me. MischaRocks is a Dutch brand, which I ran into thanks to a few beautyblogs and thanks to a contest I won these products and have been using them for the last few months...
MischaRocks is a relatively new brand on the block and they don't offer that much - yet. They have 2 hair care lines from which I tested the Pro Hy one - which is supposed to restore the protein in you hair. Both bottles contains 235ml. Packaging is simple with a clicksystem on top. Products pricing is ranged between 15-20euros, midranged, available in salons or online.
Ingredientwise both products contain perfume and have a very sweet scent, reminds me of candy. The shampoo contains SLS, so if you're not a fan of it - skip it. Texturewise both products are creamy and thick which sometimes leaves a problem with the clickdispenser. The shampoo is more runny and works fine, but the conditioner is thicker and gets a bit stuck in the clicker, leaving a small mess - see last picture. Maybe they are better of offering a tube for this product?

Then, lastly and most importantly, how does it perform? The shampoo cleans my hair effectively, it isn't anything special but it isn't bad either, qualifies in the 'normal' category to me. Then, the conditioner, which is of more importance to me. Even though it is quite thick and creamy it isn't enough for my hair. When I only use this every week I notice my hair becomes more dry. I can use this conditioner from time to time, but not for a longer period. My hair needs a 'boost' from time to time and this doesn't cover that boost, sadly (I guess it's more suitable for normal hair types?). Nevertheless I enjoy using these products and will finish them, but won't repurchase them - as I expect more from my hair care products.
The goods: sweet scent, thick & creamy texture, shampoo cleans effectively, simple packaging

The bads: clicker system isn't good for thick creams, conditioner isn't moisturizing enough, shampoo contains SLS, only available in salons or selected online shops

But, I already have new hair care products awaiting usage * just have to finish these first or I end up with way too many bottles open... do you get the feeling?


BeautyLoves said...

Shampoo die naar snoepjes ruikt, dat lijkt me wel iets voor mij, haha! Ah, ik ken het... ik heb hier ook vierhonderd flessen shampoo staan. En douchegel. :)

Evelien said...

Douchegel ook en dat geraakt nog niet zo snel op, damn :D!

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