Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Alphabet-tag: just tagging along!

The alphabet-tag is popular in blogland and why not follow for once? If you care to know more about me, do read one! Otherwise, just wait for the next review which will come up soon (as I finally found my battery charger for my camera, it's been lost for more than a week but I found it today *yes!)

A. Age: 26, which always seems to surprise people as they estimate me a lot younger (which I do not mind)
B. Best friend: I have a few of them, but not too many and I try to see them as often as possible, friends are the best
C. Chore you hate: doing the dishes probably but washing comes as a close second
D. Dreamhouse: something with a garden for my dog(s) in a calm environment & if I can choose I would like a forest nearby for walking/running
E. Essential start of your day: a cup of coffee along with breakfast
F. Favorite color: dusty rose / beige
G. Gold or silver: silver
H. Height: 1,70 m
I. Instruments I play: none, a shame
J. Job Title (most recent): employee at a bank
K. Kids: none
L. Life is incomplete without: my family, dogs & friends
M. Music that you always listen to: lounge, RnB, pop
N. Nickname: none actually
O. Overnight hospital stays: none and let's keep it that way
P. Phobias or fears: classic spiders and a bit of heights
Q. Quote from a movie: “Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.” Oscar Wilde
R. Reason to smile: being happy, a good movie, shopping, the sun that shines, my dogs playing - random things
S. Siblings: one sister, Karolien
T. Time you wake up: I try to get up at 7:30, but I would rather sleep in if I can choose
U. Underwear: shorts or lace, preferably white - beige - pink
V. Very important date this year: my father's birthday who turns 50 this year
W. Worst habit: I have a hard time getting somewhere on time, I'm almost always late - not on purpose though
X. X-ray’s you’ve had done: my arm when I had an accident, it was broken and took me a few months before I could use it again
Y. Yummy food you make: I love soup and pudding
Z. Zoo animal: pinguin, it's a cool animal

You can use this tag as well, if you'd like. Hope you enjoyed my answers...!


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