Thursday, 12 January 2012

NOTD OPI Tickle my France

My love for OPI is unconditional and goes way back... It's a brand which I'm very fond of because it applies so easily. The only downside is that they offer less neutral colours than let's say Essie. This dusty colour has been on my list for some time, but after purchasing it I never felt the urge to apply it, untill this week! I opened my neutrals box and was immediately drawn to this one.
Application goes like all OPI's, like a charm. I used 2 layers to get this desired effect. No streaks, but be sure to use small layers, it offers plenty of coverage with 2 small ones. Tipwear shows after 3 days, but no chips. The colour is a lovely dusty rose that can be worn all-year-round but suits fall/spring best in my opinion. I can definitely see why this is a popular colour and I'm sure I will get plenty of wear out of it (the right picture with flash is the most accurate colour)!
Which are your favourite OPI neutrals?


BeautyLoves said...

Dit is een van mijn favorieten! Elke keer ik hem draag, denk ik opnieuw dat het toch echt wel een prachtig kleurtje is! Heb hem toevallig begin deze week ook nog opgehad :)

Anonymous said...

This is indeed a lovely neutral and it looks perfect on you :-)

Evelien said...

Ah wat een toeval, leuk toch! Idd een must-have kleurtje!

Thanks Lyn, that's sweet of you!

Marilou said...

I have this colour but it's way too dark for my pale skin :( very gorgeous on you though.
I've bought Funny Bunny yesterday :)

Evelien said...

Oh, that's ashame because it works quite well with my pale skin. That colour will suit you a bit more then ;), I've just looked it up!

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