Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Tips n Tricks: My spring it

Unwanted facial hair... yes some of us have it and absolutely loathe it. I'm a member of this group, my upperlip has a mixture of tiny white and black hairs that I like to have gone. Normally I use a tweezer but it's an aggrivating job and I tend to get enough of it fast.

When I read about this product, my spring it, I was a bit sceptical, but as I'm always open to new beauty stuff I ordered it ( Arrived pretty fast and nicely packed. My boyfriend had no clue what this product was meant to do, as no one would I guess.

Using it is very easy, you have to bend it in a u-shape and swirl it up and down. It requires a bit of exercise in the beginning but you quickly get the hang of it, there's a tutorial video on their website, have a look at it. Now, I've also read it wasn't supposed to hurt that much. But oh my gosh, first time using it, it hurted a lot -damn liars-, I have sensitive skin. Just think of the effect of a tweezer but way worse. Luckily it lessens the more often you use it. I like the fact that it removes a lot of hair in one swirl, it goes a lot faster and is really easy to do. I'm happy with my purchase!


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