Tuesday, 27 July 2010

NOTD Pebble Beach

If you read my report yesterday on the goodiebox, you remember I took some new polishes out of it and off course I was very eager to try them, as I always am with new goodies!

First up in NOTD is Catrice Pebble Beach. To be honest, this is my first Catrice polish ever, yes I know, shame! But I've only been into nails for a bit more than a year, before that I used to be a diehard nailbiter... I never want to go back to that stage in my life so continue to the polish itself! The polish is from a limited collection from Catrice, Oceana that was released this spring - look at the cute bottle. You might still be able to find it, although it can be tricky.
It's a matte polish so this means no base/top coats. A big advantage is that matte polishes dry very quickly so I love using them when I'm in a hurry and don't want a -failed nail-... I applied 2 coats of the polish, application went very easy and it dried quick, as expected. The color is between grey and blue, although to me in real life it looks more blue than it does on the picture.
The downside of matte polishes is that they chip faster than regular polishes. But this one seems really solid - after 3 days it still looks splendid! A big plus for Catrice, going to get me some more of them polishes...

Which Catrice polishes do you own and what do you think of them?


Diana said...

(ik zal maar even in het Nederlands antwoorden :) )
Dit nagellakje is keimooi! Jammer dat ik hem niet heb gekocht toen ik de kans had :)

Evelien said...

Geen probleem Diana, dan antwoord ik terug in het Nederlands, is wel zo makkelijk. Ik had er ook spijt van dat ik m nergens meer vond, dus ben nu des te blijer dat ik m heb door de goodiedoos! Je kunt ebay misschien eens rondzoeken ;)

Diana said...

Dankje voor de tip!

Alexa1202 said...

this is a very nice polish :)

My latest design: http://alexa1202.blogspot.com/2010/08/roses-are-teal.html

Evelien said...

thanks alexa :) I like it a lot

your blog is lovely, great nail art

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