Saturday, 10 July 2010

Sigma entering

After hearing raving comments about Sigma brushes, pricequalitywise, I decided not to be left behind and ordered in! Let's take a look...

You can see it are 2 packages and they were beautifully wrapped. Along with the order came a free travel brush, which is a nice gesture of them, thumbs up. What's in the packages?

To start with, the brush roll, I ordered one along because I don't have one yet and my desk where I'm going to put my brushes is a work in progress. I like the leather - really soft - and it's easy to open up. Moving on to the other package:

I got the face/eye kit. There were 3 face brushes in it and as you can see I purchased other goodies along with them (left to right):

  • Large Powder F30
  • Duo Fibre F50
  • SS188
  • SS109
  • Flat top Kabuki F80
  • Buffer F45

Sigma started with SS brushes but now they are coming back from it as it resembles MAC too much so they are renaming their brushes to F- and E-versions. All the brushes in this kit have these F-numbers (and the new Flat Kabuki). But the ones I ordered along still came with SS. Guess they are cleaning their stock first.

On to the eye brushes:

Left to right:

  • Tapered Blending E40
  • Pencil E30
  • Eye Shading E55

Group shot, looking fabulous:

As you can see I still have room to order more brushes... which is never a bad thing! Of course I will put up a review once I've tested them thoroughly!

Next week a product that will make your brushes look sparkling new, stay tuned!


Kat O said...

Looking forward to your review! So many youtubers and bloggers got sent the kit for free it will be refreshing to hear a realistic review from someone who paid for it themselves! I'm thinking of getting the premium/professional kit as it's got some interesting shaped brushes. Did you have to pay much of a customs charge?
Kat x Click&Make-Up

Lisanne said...

Oeh wat een mooie kwasten, en die brush roll is ook erg mooi. Geweldige aankopen :D

Evelien said...

Kat: I also wanted the professional kit in the beginning but there weren't many face brushes in :(, that's why I ordered this one - figuring I could always order brushes seperately from the other kits if I'm happy with the quality. I got lucky on custom charge, there was a note taped over on the parcel (10euro) but the mailman didn't claim this! Subconsciously your reviews of free/paid products are different, you value the product different.

Lisanne: dankje, was er al een tijdje over aan het tobben, toch deze kit genomen om te beginnen en kan nadien nog altijd andere brushes bijbestellen - ik had gelezen dat jij er ook positief over was dus hopelijk deel ik je mening

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