Friday, 23 July 2010

Review Luna Twilight Mortal Glow

First of all, welcome to my new subscribers, hope we get to 20 fast!

And yes, I like Twilight, I love Stephanie Meyers writing skills... I enjoy the movies with the gorgeous cast but prefer the books any day, that's just me. When they announced a makeup line I was intrigued, could it be any good? As a fan of this saga I just had to have an item of this collection...

The collection contains everything a normal make-up collection does. Interesting is that the eyeshadow palets are named after the characters. All the products have a bare tree design and gold ingraved, this already make it have a "dark look".

And what did I get? I got the Mortal Glow blushing creme. There are 2 shades available: adrenaline and swoon. Adrenaline are warm and cool pinks blended, swoon are nudes. I bought the adrenaline which you can see on the left.

A breakthrough blend of mousse and cream blush that glides on effortlessly and finishes satiny smooth. Each blush hand blends three distinct colors to create a “mélange” that forms a pattern unique to each individual blush.

Packaging is nice. The colors in the blush are really hard to get on camera, this was the best I could do. It says that it's a cream-mousse but the context is softer than other cream blushes I've used. It's more on the mousse-side than on the cream-side. You can chose to use all the colors from the mousse or a part of it. The upper part contains peach colors and the lower part are more pink colors. Application is really easy, just use your fingers and blend, works like a charm. And then you get the effect underneath. Look closely and you'll see that the left contains more pink and the right more peach. Oh and yes, it's shimmer all over the place... I consider this product to be a highlighter and not a blush.

Now, what happens if you put this on your face? You don't want to be looking like a shimmery clown. First off, use the product sparingly, just a little bit will give you that lovely glow. And secondly blend with your fingertops. Look at my glowing skin (only wearing the Mortal Glow - don't mind the nasty mosquitobite - I've got them all over me).

If I apply it in the morning, in the evening it's still there - big plus for not gliding off my face. I consider it to be a lovely product, better than I expected and I must say I use it often. It's easy and fast to apply, you don't need much product so it's going to last some time. Overall worth the purchase if you are a Twilight fan and want something from this collection.

Price is in between: I paid about 15euros for it, I ordered it from beautybay.


Freya said...

Just wondering, is this brand called Luna?
If so, where can I find it?

Evelien said...

The brand is "Luna Twilight" and the product is "Mortal Glow Blushing Creme". I bought it from (14,3 EU) but if you don't have a credit card you can also buy it in the (online) shop "cosmeticary" in Belgium - Antwerp, it's more expensive there (22 EU).

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