Friday, 30 July 2010

Testing Avène Eluage concentrate

A couple of weeks ago when I was driving I looked in the mirror and oh no -horror- panic - between my eyebrows I could see 2 expression lines (as they are called) appearing or slightly formed. The foundation I was wearing made it very clearly... When I came home I checked again in the bathroom but it was less clear in indoor lighting. Since I have (very) dry skin, I know I'm prone to early wrinkles but I always moisturize intense to delay this, which works like a charm on my eye area by the way. As it's best to prevent or treat at an early stage I began browsing online for a spot treatment on local areas because hey I don't need it all over my face. My search ended with Avène, a brand that I'm fond of.

Eluage concentrate recommended for furrows of the visage for a visible smoothing effect. Complexion is more radiant and facial features softened. Thanks to its non-greasy peachcolor texture, the concentrate is very pleasent to use. Package in airless doser bottles. Use in the evening on spot areas only. Dab in until absorbed.

This is exactly what I need, a spot treatment and from a brand I love, couldn't be better. I've started using it about 2 weeks ago. They recommend a 3 to 4 month treatment so expect a detailed review along with pictures...

Do you use a special cream like this/why/does it work... Share your results!


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