Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Review Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm

Okay, I'll admit it: I'm a lip balm freak. You know these products that you can't stop purchasing even though you clearly have enough of them? This is the one for me. I'm always in need of a new lip balm and have a hard time saying no. Usually I appease myself by saying "it's too cheap to let it go". If you know this feeling, raise your hand (and I think everybody who is reading this has raised her hand).

Now, I'm not going to bore you by reviewing classic lip balms that every beauty addict has, I decided to opt for some hard to come by balms I own. This means this is just the first wagon from the lip balm train :).

On to the brand, Nuxe is a French pharmaceutical brand, from which I've tried several products over the last year. The prices are midrange and in Europe you should be able to find it easily. Within this brand they have some sublines, e.g.: 3 Roses care, Nirvanesque and Rêve de Miel. Rêve de Miel literally translates from French into "Dream of Honey". This refers to the scent and yellowish color of the products.

The product promises:

Effective by nature: with this extremely nourishing and repairing fragrance-free balm that contains no preservatives or artificial scents and has no sticky effect, most damaged lips are supple and soft.
Precious benefits for my skin: thanks to this amazing balm, damaged lips will instantly be soothed. Its luscious texture and its sweet taste of Honey and Grapefruit turns applying it in truly blissful moment.
Star active ingredients:
Acacia Honey and Shea Butter nourish and intensely repair. Grapefruit Essence provides a nice sensation of well-being.

The product comes in a glass jar that looks plain on the outside. When you open it, you'll notice it looks just like cream pots you owe. This has a downside: if you are 1/3 through the product the jar is more difficult to obtain product from. The balm looks pretty thick and yellowgoldish with a hint of shimmer in it.

When looking at the swatch you can see its thick texture and the shimmers become clearer. Keep in mind I took this picture outside when it was +30degrees, you can see the product melting from the heat...

Before applying the product you have to get some out of the jar and this is not easily done if you have long nails like me. I'm not a fan of this jar system!! Applying is easy, rub it softly around your lips. At first you'll notice the product is bit granular but it quickly melts onto your lips. Afterwards your lips feel wellmoisturized and the scent lingers on, I really adore this honeylike scent. It makes your lips glow and depending on the light the shimmer becomes visible. Excuse my messy hairdo :)

I like this product a lot, especially the scent, but I don't like the jar. I might repurchase it in the future, if I run out of new lip balms I want to buy -lol-. I bought it in an ICU-store but you can also buy it online through cosme-de. Price is between 10-15euros for 15g.


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