Thursday, 22 July 2010

Intention: goodiebag giveaway

I enjoy giveaways a lot... Who doesn't like to receive beauty products for free? It's like Christmas in the middle of the year. So here's what I'm cooking on...

What kind of giveaway?
A goodiebag containing various products and various brands, including some I mentioned.

Anyone, all over the world will be able to enter this giveaway.

I have 6 subscribers now (thank you) and I want to do this as soon as I get to 20. Spread the word I would say!


Lisanne said...

Leuk, dat klinkt goed!

Imogen said...

That would be good! Hope you get to 20 soon so that we can all enter your giveaway!:)xxxxxxxxx

Evelien said...

Almost halfway, I'm already putting things aside for the bag ;)

Smita said...

Almost at 20! Good luck!

Simone said...

I'm number 19 :D

maRyya said...

i'm number 20.

Mary said...

Woohoo you reached 22!

Evelien said...

yes, I'm really happy about it!! goodiebagarticle will appear this week with what's in it, I hope you all like it! going shopping this afternoon for it

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