Thursday, 8 March 2012

Finished Winter 2011-2012

Another episode of finished and of me being proud of myself. I am actually finishing more stuff than buying new stuff, which is good. I must behave, but I do tend on splurging on a few nice limited collection items...!
*Estee Lauder Vérite cream cleanser: this product is intented for sensitive skin and is for a cleanser, not that cheap. But since I read some great reviews on it, I wanted to try it. It has a heavy scent, flowery, and works ok but I found other cheaper cleansers performing the same or even better... It's good, but far from special.

*Batiste dry shampoo in Blush: I cannot live without my Batiste I guess, I've already finished a few bottles and I love it. It's perfect for my fringe or when my hair needs a little touchin' up. The "Blush" is the only one available here in my country, although I also liked other scents such as the Tropical one.

*Etos body butter cream: I bought this when it was on sale, it was quite cheap, and I enjoyed using it. Etos offers a nice thick creamy body butter for a good price. The scent of this particular one is so nice, a bit tropical-like, I really like it.

*Paula's Choice skin recovery mask: one of my favourite moisturizer to use at night, especially in winter when my skin is even more dry than usually. I already have a new tube awaiting usage, HG all the way this one!

*Estee Lauder resilience lift mask: again, I also bought this mask to use as a night cream and it has also been performing very well. It's scented & very creamy/thick. A review of this one is coming up.

*Pai BioAffinity toner: did a review on this one, beloved product but the price tag is a bit too much I guess

*Pai Macadamia & Rose cream: also did a review on this one, beloved as well but also with a price tage though I may repurchase this one because it does last a long time - it's extremely thick and rich, dry skins love this one for sure!

*Avon Supermagnify mascara: as always there's a mascara in my finished episode. It is said to use it for 3 months and I surely follow this rule. Because of my contacts my eyes are very sensitive and I do notice when it is time to change mascaras - funny, not? This is a lovely mascara by Avon, it has such tiny bristles - quite funny actually-, one that I should review soon...!


Phil said...

We miste je vandaag bij UPR! Ik dacht echt dat jij ook zou gaan. Volgende keer?

LauraMck said...

I've heard so much good things about Pai products:) I may have to give them a go soon xxx

Evelien said...

Ik wist van niets Phil, anders was ik wel gekomen :(. Laat me volgende keer zeker iets weten!!

Yes, they are really good, but pricey... If you can afford it, do try them. So far all the products I've tried are quite good.

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