Thursday, 15 March 2012

Pan, more pan, most pan?!

Do you remember my review on Dandelion last year? Check the link if you didn't or here's the summary: I love love love it! This has definitely become my HG blush over time, it's also listed on my HG page and I have been using it about 80% of the time. A close second favourite is MAC's Warm Soul, but that's for another article. So, what happens when you use a blush almost every day of the week? Pan, yes, it happens, a lot of pan...
This is the perfect blush for my skin, easy to put on / easy to blend, and it stays put all day with a good base and finishing powder. Minor discomfort is the paper packaging, it looks cute but after time becomes a bit dirty... Nevertheless, I will surely be repurchasing this blush - I do get a few more weeks or months usage out of what's left, but I have to face the fact that I've finished this blush. Can you believe that? Finishing a blush? I never guessed I would say something so soon... But it's true and it feels good. So if your skin looks a bit like mine, try this blush and see for yourself :)!
Which blush is on your repurchase list and why?


Phil said...

It happens eh, hitting pan :D

Emma said...

How long have you been using? I have had the same Bourjois blush for 5 years (I do santise it from time to time!) and I am no where near finishing it!! x

Evelien said...

yes it does phil, luckily!

I've been using for 1,5 year I think but I bought it of a blogsale and there was about 70% left of it so with a full pan I think I could have gone 2,5 year? But I have been using it A LOT, I've never used a blush this much I think.

G A B Y said...

Wow, I have never EVER hit pan on a powder product!

Evelien said...

Neither do I, this is the only one, unbelievable I know... :p

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