Thursday, 1 March 2012

Wishlist du jewelry...

Today's wishlist is one consisting only of jewelry... These items have been on my list for days, week, some even for months and it may be the time to get some of them in house..., curious?
Michael Kors Rose Gold watch, ohh, how I love it. I've been eyeing this for more than a year but this particular model I've posted now is a new one and it's sweeping me of my feet. I'm afrai to try it on, because I know I will probably end up buying it! Then Pandora leather bracelets. At first I wasn't into Pandora at all, not my cup of tea. But I must admit I do like their leather bracelets, at their own or with one or two charms on them but not crowded and filled. Most people have the silver bracelet, but I like this one far more...

And again 2 bracelets, but now from the brand Maison Scotch - which is one of my favourite clothing brands. Sadly, their collection is quite small and hard to come by. Now I ran into their jewelry and I'm loving these 2 bracelets by them. But I'll have to choose: I cannot end up buying 3 bracelets now, can I?


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