Monday, 19 March 2012

Covering up...

Shopping is fun... either it is shopping for beauty products, shopping for clothes, most kind of shopping I like (except for the foodshopping, takes ages) so today I also have a nice kind of shopping for you... I ordered a new phone and I decided to go for the Iphone *yeay* and guess what I've been browsing? Yes, covers & cases... but there is so much choice...!!?!!

Marc Jacobs, Cath or Swash?

Which one do you prefer or which one do you have?


Sunny said...

I don't have an iPhone (don't judge me lol), but I really like the one with a bird! It's so cute and it screams spring!!! Keep us posted about which one you got xx

Evelien said...

No judging here, I got it on discount, just have to wait a few weeks to receive it... Yes, the bird is indeed cute :), good chance I'll go for that one!

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