Sunday, 18 December 2011

Skincare hauling!

Some time ago I got a coupon code in the mail from one of my favourite stores, IU, for a 15% off on skincare. Next time I went shopping I did a stop and picked up a few goodies... 'cause it's been a while since I hauled...!
I picked up the Nuxe Crème Fraiche serum, which I read a few good things about. In the past I've tried their Creme Fraiche cream and I liked it, but because of the jar packaging I did not repurchase. This serum however, comes in a glass pump - and is quite heavy. Next to it is La Roche Posays Hydraphase UV riche, this is actually a back-up. I've been using this cream for the last 2-3 months and I'm really loving it, one of my favourite day creams with SPF for dry skin (but a review is on its way, for full information). Lastly is a soothing cream by Bio Beauté Nuxe - which like the name states - is the Bio range from Nuxe. The Bio range only offers a few products, but I'm eager to compare it to their regular range. Plus I do love that this cream comes in a tube packaging instead of a jar - which is normally Nuxe's style.
Have you used this coupon code from IU or have you recently bought some new skincare?


Phil said...

Teveel om op te noemen, maar dat nuxe serum zou ik toch eerst eens op zichzelf gebruiken.
Dan weet je hoeveel extra je huid nodig heeft, want het werkt nogal heel goed tegen uitdroging.
Zware verpakking he :D

Parapharmacie discount said...

I love french pharmacy skin products, all the more when they're affordable! I personnaly use Nuxe' crème nirvanesque, which is very good too.

Evelien said...

Ja, vandaar dat ik het gekocht heb, naar aanleiding van jouw goede review en ook mijn ervaring met de lijn he :). Zeker nu in de winter merk ik dat mn kaken wel wat extra kunnen gebruiken. Ben benieuwd!

Yes, me too. I've tried Nuxe Nirvanesque and I found it to be ok, but I don't like its jar packaging... :(

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