Thursday, 8 December 2011

Luxury list - minus one!

As I told a couple of days ago I had compiled a nice expensive list... And yes, it has already happened, I bought something! I wanted to wait, but then I hit a coupon code & free delivery, so I gave in & trying to tell myself it is THE perfect Christmas scent also helps :)

I bought the Serge Lutens "Un bois de vanille" which is a rich wooden scent with vanille & there's also some coconut in it. I have almost run out of my tester & I just need the scent, I'm so into it... Downside to Serge Lutens is that they are expensive & hard to come by. I bought this one for 68euros, shipping included and it contains 50ml. Honestly, some branded perfumes *no names* are as expensive or even more... So I decided to treat myself! A review will follow, but expect it to be positive!

Do you know Serge Lutens? Which is your favourite scent by him?


socialitedreams said...

sounds like it'd smell soooo good

Evelien said...

Yes, it is heaven^^ i see this becoming a signatura scent, it's workfriendly but with a little edge!

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