Tuesday, 27 December 2011

NOTD Avon Violetta Sparkle

Todays NOTD is my Christmas polish, which wasn't traditional red - as red would not match my outfit - but nevertheless it was a festive polish infused with sparkles. Christmas & sparkles, great combination! As the name says it is a dark violet colour with golden particles in it. In the bottle it appears to be almost black but when held in the light, you clearly see it is violet. The particles show up nicely, even in the bottle - it is not one of those polishes where you have to search for the particles...
Then on my nails... I used 2 thin layers, as I mostly try to do, and it covers up nicely. One layer gives a bit seethrough and I don't like to use one thick layer, I prefer 2 thinner ones for optimal result. The polish goes on smooth and doesn't leave streaks. Like all Avon polishes I like the brush and it works easy. The colour is very dark and at first glance it appears to be black, but when the light hits in you see the violet - although it is a very dark deep violet. The golden particles are easily visible. These are pictures taken on day 3 of the polish on my nails and you can see a little bit of tipwear, but overall I'm impressed with how this dark polish holds up.
This is indeed a dark polish but suitable for this time of year. It's not my personal favourite, as I do enjoy lighter colours more... But I know a lot of people are crazy about them. I'm quite sure I will use this polish again on a certain occassion when suited, but I would not use it for everyday wear... You may have noticed that I have cut my nails a bit shorter: this is better when using a dark polish - if you have really long nails and use a dark polish on them it reminds me too much of a witch-effect and I don't want to look like one :)


Jo said...

An amazings colour!

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