Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Review Rituals Vanilla Orchid sticks

A few months ago I popped into Rituals & decided it was time for me to cave in the whole fragrance sticks madness that has been wondering around and spreading like some kind of *deliciously scented* disease... After sniffing one after anotherI decided for Vanilla Orchid, because I love me some vanilla! It comes in this cute & big packaging, makes for a nice present too - if you are still searching for something to give these days!

So the packaging on the outside is already nice... Installing it goes easily: open up and put the sticks in it - simple! You can place it everywhere, personally I chose my living room and put it in a glass little jar used for candles, I didn't know where to put it elsewhere. It is an eyecatcher though, people who enter immediately want to sniff it... - funny!
The scent contains Vanilla and also Myrrh which is a herb. The scent is unmistakenly vanilla but the herb gives it a little touch. I chose this over the other scents because some of the other scents reminded me too much of a sauna. They say these things last a couple of months, which I can only confirm. I bought mine at the end of August and I still have between 1/3 and 1/2 left.
However, they do advise to change the sticks for optimal results. I haven't done this yet, but I might do it soon because I noticed it is not giving off much scent anymore - even though there is still plenty in it. The instruction manual also says to rearrange the sticks from time to time & afterwards wash your hands - which is no joke because your fingers smell exactly like it if you touch the sticks!
Overall I'm pleased that I gave in & purchased these fragrance sticks, they cost around 22euros but they do last you a long time and I like the subtle effect it delivers to a room - it's not an overwhelming scent but it's definitely there. in the future I would want to put one in the living room & one in the bedroom. They have different scents available (some change from time to time), so be sure to check your favourite one out of the bunch...!


Jo said...

I've to try this one. I love Rituals' products, they smell sooo good ;)

Evelien said...

Yes, indeed they do! I also love their white lotus scent and a bunch of other stuff!

Ann said...

Tip: die stokjes staan nu in sale ;)

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