Friday, 2 September 2011

Review MD Formulations Antioxidant spray

A lot of people don't use toners / sprays after their cleansing routine, but I consider it to be a must. Its main goal is to take of what's left of the cleanser but I find it also very refreshing and if at the same time it has some good ingredients - it's definitely a win-win situation. This spray by MD Formulations contains a lot of antioxidants and looked very promising. You get 250ml (which is a lot, I hate those little 100ml bottles) and I bought it on Strawberrynet for 29$ which isn't a bad price at all - but when looking at other webshops it's a lot more expensive...
Your best defense is a fast offense. md formulations Moisture Defense Antioxidant Spray restores vital moisture and rebuilds your skin's protective barrier with a quick push of a button. md formulations' light, oil-free spray reactivates skin hydration whenever you need it throughout the day.


- Defends against environmental stress with four powerful antioxidants
- Works great with all skin types thanks to the oil-free formula
- Contains natural plant extracts for the most soothing care.
The packaging is sleek, simple and modern. The spray has a dop to cover it and sprays a good amount. You can use the spray directly onto your face or on a cotton pad - personally I've used both methods, but I prefer a cotton pad, it just gives me the feeling that my skin is more cleansed and refreshed.

The spray has no scent (no fragrance in it) and is indeed refreshing. It soothes my skin but I don't notice any hydration - it isn't rich enough for that. This spray is mostly intented for oily-combination-normal skin, for the dry types this may work well in summer but isn't rich enough for winter. It works quite soothing on my skin and doesn't leave a dry feeling afterwards. I use about 3 sprays with every use, cotton pad or not. Most of the time the product didn't irritate my skin. Only when I have been out all day I notice a tingling feeling when using this spray, so if you're very sensitive I would skip this.
The goods: 250ml bottle, sleek packaging, good ingredients, refreshing, doesn't leave skin dry

The bads: not suitable for sensitive & really dry skins, hydration is overclaimed

Overall I enjoy using this product, it's good value for the money spent on it and I may buy it again in the future to use during the summer. I like the ingredients most of it: antioxidants and NO fragrance. But, however, this isn't suitable for sensitive skins which is a shame - otherwise it would surely have been a Product Praise!


Phil said...

En dat is de reden waarom bijna niemand van die sprays gebruikt. Ze zijn enkel verfrissend en lekker geurend, maar echte voordelen hebben ze niet. Het enige dat ze mss goed kunnen is de huid terug pH neutraal maken.
Ik zou er nooit veel geld aan uitgeven of toch niet in de hoop dat het veel gaat doen :)

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