Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Perfume L'Impératrice 3 by D&G

When D&G released their Anthology collection this one called "L'Impératrice" was my instant favourite amongst them all - fruity & fresh = perfect. But since I already had quite enough perfume I postponed the purchase untill there was a decent discount and I could pick it up for 40euros. I bought it about a year ago and as you can see my bottle has already been used frequently - I'm about halfway through it... Curious to my thoughts?
The packaging is very sleek & simple, I like it that way. I bought the 100ml bottle so it's quite big & also heavy. I like the thicker glass and the heavy bottom, it gives it a bit of a masculin touch - even though the perfume itself is pinkcoloured. All bottles from the Anthology line look this way, it's a good unisex bottle that will please most people.
The D&G Anthology collection is an ongoing project involving different fragrances incorporated into a concept of similar bottles, like dresses our of a wardrobe for different occasions. L’Imperatrice, fronted by the gazelle of the catwalk, Naomi Campbell, is the casual outfit for a weekend spent outdoors. Oscillating between the fresh, sweet and aqueous smell of watermelon and the slightly sour and juicy aroma of apples, it’s an unpretentious smell with just a hint of floral that will have young ladies smitten.

Created: 2009 Type: Floral - Aquatic
Top Note: Pink Pepper, Kiwi, Rhubarb
Middle Note:
Watermelon, Cyclamen, Jasmine
Base Note:
Citrus Wood, Musks, Sandalwood

When spraying it I mostly smell the kiwi & the pepper in the top notes - which smell very feminine and soft. Moving onto the middle notes I mostly smell the watermelon, which is -again- very refreshing. As far as base notes go I can only detect the citrus in it. Overall, all the notes are to my likings and I mostly enjoy the middle note of watermelon which is the perfect combination of fruity and fresh. One thing that I dislike about this fragrance is it's lasting time. It's an eau de toilette so after a few hours it's completely gone. I always take it with me in a travel spray to freshen up at noon. I really wish they would make an eau de perfume of the Anthology line!
To sum it up: yes, I love this perfume and will definitely repurchase this! It's one of my favourite summer scents and I totally recommend it if you enjoy sweet, fruity, fresh perfumes...
Which is your favourite amongst the Anthology range of D&G?


hermetic said...

I love La Lune. I was debating between those two and got La Lune as L'Imperatrice was a bit too 'feminine' and fruity, although I admit it was a tough choice to make because it's very captivating fragrance. And I agree they are really short lasting on me, 2 hours tops

Aulie said...

I have this one and L'amour, and I adore both of them. THey are my staple perfumes for daywear.

socialitedreams said...

that's my favorite of the group too, i wear it often. crisp and fresh, tart like grapefruit! loves it

Vonnie of Socialitedreams.com

Martje said...

I have the same one, and I love it!! It reminds me of the vacation I bought it, which are only good memories :)

Evelien said...

Hermetic: La Lune is also a great one out of this range, very sophisticated scent

Aulie: L'Amour isn't my cup of tea, a bit too masculin for me but I'm glad you love this one too!

Vonnie: yes indeed, it's fresh and lovely

Martje: perfume & memories are always great :)

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