Friday, 9 September 2011

Newly found luxurious webshop!

Yesterday whilst browsing online and lurking/lemming the new Becca Fall/Winter Collection - I love the 'Lost Weekend' palette, I need it - I ran into a lovely new blog where on its turn I ran into a new luxurious online shop that I hadn't heard about before...
It's called DollyLeo and can be found here, feauting luxurious brands such as Becca, Nude, SUQQU (!) and so on. They ship international, but have different shipping rates. Sadly a few of the items I want are out of stock, so checking in regularly is needed. If you make an account you also get a 10% discount code for your next purchase - definitely recommendable!

You may have noticed that this week a lot of posts are about shopping and hauling, obviously there's a reason for. I'm going through quite a difficult time at the moment and shopping brings me joy, even though it's only for a few moments... It's better to have a moment of joy than a moment of pain!


smashinbeauty said...

Thanks for the news :D I will check it out

BeautyLoves said...

Shopping soothes the soul! :)
Hopelijk alles goed met je!

Anonymous said...

Ohoh weer een prachtige webshop.
Het Lost weekend palet heb ik alweer in mijn bezit en het is zo'n prachtig palet. De oogschaduws zijn heerlijk zacht en mooie kleuren. Ik ben er weer erg blij mee. Blijft een mooi merk BECCA.

Evelien said...

You're welcome, it's worth it!

Ja das waar beautyloves!

Graag gedaan Darisblue, oeioei nu wil ik dat paletje zeker kopen...

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