Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Review Paula's Choice Weigthless body treatment 2% BHA

Today let's talk body talk... Sadly enough I have to admit that I often neglect it. After taking a bath I have to force myself to use some moisturizer, lazy - yes, I confess! But it is important and I do my best to maintain it a bit or so I try to tell myself^^.
Summer is here, so tanned soft legs are a must, accompanied by skirts & dresses... But I often end up with ingrown hairs, very annoying and those little bumps aren't appealing... This BHA from Paula's Choice promises to get rid of them?
This innovative body lotion combines the exfoliating and anti-acne power of salicylic acid with ingredients that work to ease minor dryness while supplying skin with potent antioxidants. You'll see immediate and ongoing improvements in skin texture and tone plus a reduction of blemishes and unsightly red bumps. Please see below for references to documented research about the claims made for the ingredients in this body treatment.

  • Exfoliates skin with 2% salicylic acid formulated within an effective pH range (3.2–3.6)
  • Silky texture spreads easily and absorbs quickly
  • Weightless matte finish is ideal for breakout-prone body skin
  • Significantly reduces inflammation and soothes reddened skin
  • Excellent for treating raised red bumps (keratosis pilaris)
  • 100% fragrance- and colorant-free
  • Please note: When using a BHA product make sure you use a sunscreen during the day

  • You get a big tube of 210ml for around 25euros, only available in her webshop. Packaging is easy & simple, with a little squeeze you can control the amount of product easily. The product is white, gel-like and has a light scent - bit medical - but not really disturbing. It spreads easily and doesn't irritate my skin in any way... Now onto the big question... does it help? Yes, it does! In the beginning I used it a few days in a row where I now use it once in a while. However, a little point of negative... with repeated use I noticed my skin becoming drier, so use of another moisturizer inbetween is necessary.
    The goods: tube packaging, fulfills claims (!), non-irritating, spreads easily

    The bads: bit medical scented, can dry out skin with repeated use, only available through webshop, not cheap at 20-30euros
    Altogether a good product that does what it promises... So if you sometimes suffer from little bumps, store this in your bathroom - you won't be disappointed!


    BeautyLoves said...

    Lijkt me wel een handig product! Af en toe heb ik ook een ingegroeid haartje, maar ik gebruik regelmatig een scrub in de douche, dan heb ik er minder last van.

    Evelien said...

    Doe ik nochtans ook maar toch heb ik er last van, raar he! Maar dit helpt dus... perfect!

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